Sensi Reza Rashidnia, Iran Karate Do
"Karate begins and ends with courtesy"
"Master Gichin Funakoshi"
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Welcome  to  Reza Rashidnia"s personal web page! Rashidnia started karate in 1973. He gained black belt from master Varasteh founder of Iranian Karate in 1979. From 1990-1997, Rashidnia was one of the members of Shitoryu Technical Committee. He was also active in writing some articles in martial arts papers in Iran.
In 1990s, Rashidnia gained different titles such as: coaching in some karate clubs, member of referee committee in military and other organizations, coach of karate national team, coach of Azad University karate team. He also participated in a lot of tournaments such as: Iran National Championships, WKF in Germany (2000), KOI in Gomasko (2000), and KOI in Kota Kinabalu (2001)…

He was able to gain some medals in these tournaments and championships. He started coaching the national team of Macau in 2002 till present and meanwhile his team and he have been able to receive gold, sliver and bronze medals in Tokyo (2002), South Korea (2002), Himjei Gojuryu Championships, Malaysia (2003), Taiwan (2004), National Championships in Japan (2004), and Goju ryu Championships in Japan (2004).

Reza  Rashidnia is now 7th Dan of Shitoryu and 5th Dan in Gojuryu and the coach of National team in Macau.

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